Selenite Charging Plate – Crystal Cleansing & Charging – Reiki Healing Crystal Aura Chakra

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Why would you leave the house without a fully charged cell phone?

The same logic applies to crystals – don’t leave with them uncharged.

This charging plate can be used to charge your crystals, gems, rudraksha and any lucky charm you are using on daily basis.

Why you should charge your crystals?

To ensure your crystals are operating at their optimal level, it is important to regularly cleanse and charge them. That’s where a Selenite Charging Plate comes in handy.

Selenite is a fantastic natural cleanser and charger for your crystals. By placing your stones on a selenite slice or in a selenite bowl or plate, you can effortlessly cleanse and charge them. For maximum effect, simply leave them overnight next to your bed and they will be fully charged for the next day. This method also serves as a convenient and adorable way to keep all your crystals together and safe.

How to use:
You can put your gratitude, your wishes on the charging plate to attract them sooner. Place your jewelry pieces on your Selenite charging plate each night after taking off your jewellery.
You can also put your personal crystal, rudraksha, and gems.
These plates can also be used to create a crystal grid, as the Selenite’s metaphysical properties will increase your grid’s power.
Place your yantra on the charging plate to have maximum benefits.
You can also place your crystal on the charging plate on a windowsill that will enable it to be recharged of moon energy on a full moon.
Recommended By:
Everyone recommends this stone because it is beneficial for mental health. Using White Selenite can be strong for activating dormant power from past lives.

People Who Suggest The Use Of Selenite Stone

Vastu specialists
Aura cleanings
Feng Shuis
Reiki Healings
Vastu Consultant

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