Diary Gratitude

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Gratitude is a necessary ingredient that makes us content with whatever we have with us at the present moment be it small or big. Cultivating gratitude trains the mind to count the blessings rather than complain about unachieved goals. This is necessary to provide a wholesome life value of well-being and satisfaction.
Each day, you write down three things you are grateful for, and it doesn't take longer than ten or so minutes to write in each day. At the end of the week, there is a checkpoint to see how you are feeling overall. It's perfect for beginners who are not ready to jump into a super-complex journal or who just want something simple that is easy to document every day. This is a strong habit to inculcate that would serve for good. In essence, you are rewiring your brain to focus more on the positive aspects of your life and build up resilience against negative situations.
If you are feeling anxious or worried or just want to record your gratitude and happiness, now is the best time to start journaling. We believe in it 100%. What you think is what you feel and then turn into your reality.
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Size: 8.5X5.5 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Piyush Sinha
Love the concept

Beautiful journal, really helped me to increase positivity in my life, best part is the superfast delivery


I like this gratitude diary

Tripti Mishra
Must buy!

You know in this digital age, I miss the old school charm of writing diaries and journals.....and one fine day, I came across your website and gifted myself Dairy Gratitude and Self Care notebook.
Here, I could write what I feel, my thoughts, quotes and everything that I am grateful for and trust me it's the best way to unwind yourself after a long hectic day.
Writing in these journals is like a therapy for me and I must say I have become more positive and started cribbing less.

So Nice

This is so nice, i am full of gratitude because of this diary, it has positives vibes and gives me awezomes energies.

Thank you for leaving us a review Bunty :) Do shop with us again.

Mohit Vaid
Great Product!!

I was looking for this type of product since long time. Glad I came across it on Instagram. One feature which I really liked is it’s drawing space. Really helps in expressing gratitude.

Thank you Mohit!