21 Days Self Love Journal

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21 DAYS SELF LOVE JOURNAL IT IS A SELF EXPLORATION JOURNAL TO HELP GROW YOUR MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL WELLNESS: It is designed to practice self-compassion for a happier, more loving mindset. Our emotions are part of who we are, if we shut them out, then who are we? If we avoid our feelings, how are we going to love ourselves? With these prompts, you will get to know yourself better and get one step closer to loving yourself. You will get in touch with your emotions and will start to understand what they mean and how to react to them.

This gorgeous, high vibe Self Love Journal will support you on your Self Love journey, whether you've just begun to embrace the idea or if you're a veteran on the path.

Commit to this journaling practice and commit to building an unbreakable relationship with yourself. Committing for 21 days sends a powerful message to yourself and the Universe that you are ready for more. You are ready to show up and embrace ALL of your gorgeous, unique, lovable YOU-NESS!

Happy Journaling!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sagar Malhotra

Very beautiful, loved the concept

Arjun Bagga
Crazy about this product

One of the best journal I have ever seen, I have ordered several journals from this website, every piece are awesome but this one is my favourite. Will be ordering my 5th

UdayKumar Sharma
Just wow product

One of the best journal they are having as look wise is stunning & super powerful product for self love

Shakshi Agarwal
Love it

Incredible product. Absolutely loving it.

Nitish Jindal
In love with this

During my 1st purchase I was little confused about the positive effects but After using it I am so satisfied that presently I am using 6th copy of this journal. Highly recommend