Feelings Journal Diary

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You can heal your emotional and physical pain by journaling daily. It can relieve any stress you might be holding on to in any part of your body that is bringing you discomfort.
It's amazing when people let go of toxic, negative emotions and thoughts, how much better you feel physically. We all get blockages in our body when we hold onto events and thoughts that will not change no matter how many times we ponder over it. Our energy doesn't flow freely when we are blocked; releasing is the way to feeling well.
Along with releasing, filling up with affirmations at the same time, replacing all the negatives with positivity immediately makes the healing process so much quicker. Journaling can also help you put your feelings into perspective. Sort out things so you can have a better understanding of why you're having these thoughts and feelings.
Putting it all on paper gives you a more powerful point of view. If you decide to read what you have written down, you do so from a much different place. Not focusing on the negativity or being judgmental will help you heal and release old patterns from your unconscious source. Focusing on your desires and your intentions creates a ripple effect.
Commit to action and you'll be closer to your desired outcome. You'll soon discover the universe is working for you.
We really care about quality. When you get your journal you'll enjoy vibrant colours, beautiful design on each page and be able to clearly see and feel the superior quality of the materials used.
Journal pages are printed on a fine 100gsm uncoated paper stock for the highest quality and ensures colour vibrancy on each page.
Size: 8.5X5.5 inches

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