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Feed The Soul - Affirmations Deck

Feed The Soul - Affirmations Deck

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It's time to unapologetically love yourself!
To stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, you have to practice self-care. One of the best self-care activities is using positive affirmations. The stories you tell yourself to create your reality - what you believe yourself to be, your potential, and the ability to achieve everything you set your mind to. This set was created to encourage you to choose thoughts, words, and stories that make you feel light, positive, and inspired.
Deck of 41 inspiring affirmations cards to promote self-love and happiness! The cards are 4.5X3 inches each, so they can fit in your purse or wallet and can be taken with you wherever you go. Start your day on a positive note by picking one out at random, or you could send one, or the pack out in the post to someone special. The more you nourish and fuel your inner self, the more empowered you will feel and the more motivated you will be to conquer the days ahead of you.

You can use these cards in many ways :
- As a daily reminder of positivity, gratitude, self-empowerment
- As an addition to your mood-board
- Put them in your planner as a little inspirational reminder
- Gift individual cards to someone special
- Keep your favorites in your purse
- Stick your favorites somewhere you can see them daily
- Pick one card that resonates with you most in the morning and repeat it out loud
- Use them during meditation
We hope these affirmation cards will help anyone who is looking to have a more positive outlook on life or who is learning to practice self-love. We all need it!

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