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Birth Affirmations

Birth Affirmations

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Are you expecting a sweet baby? Congratulations! It's an exciting time... even if your birth sounds daunting right now.

We've got the powerful affirmations to match the strong energy of your birth. Beautiful tribal artwork features strong women, stretch marks and all.
This powerful gift set comes with 25 unique affirmation cards. Use a cord with a few mini-clothespins to hang your favorites.
Ideal as a gift, a treat for yourself, or to anyone who needs a bit of a boost, these cards are the perfect little pick me up to get anyone on the right track mentally and emotionally.

They also work well framed and placed on the wall, as bookmarks, to add in with gifts... Have fun & get creative with them!

Pregnancy and Birth Support Deck is also known as Affirmation Cards
All women deserve to visualize and manifest the birth of their dreams. Using this Pregnancy and Birthing Support Deck can empower Mothers for their birth and help nurture their connection with the baby throughout pregnancy. Preparing for your birth with these fun and practical reaffirming statements can help rewire negative or fearful thoughts- releasing tension- promoting relaxation-reducing pain. Decorate your home or birth space with these empowering cards to help you stay focused and positive during labor. Use them, love them, pass them along.

Positive affirmations are backed by science!

Proven methods to help rewire our brains and create new pathways..
Literally, everything is in the mind right down to how every cell performs in our bodies.

¥ FEEL FULL OF POSITIVE ENERGY and confidence to make the most of your babysday of birth. This set of 25 motivational cards in calming colours will help you immerse in relaxation and get you energised to meet your full potential on your very special day.

¥ GET INSPIRATION FOR A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE GIVING BIRTH: Rid yourself of negative thinking that holds you back from enjoying your sacred experience, reprogram your thinking, change your mindset and attract positivity with these powerful intention cards.

¥ OFFER A MEANINGFUL BABY-SHOWER GIFT: Our inspiring positive birth affirmation cards make an excellent gift idea. Package them with mini clothespins and twine so your mama can string them up on her special day.

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