My Mom-Letters of Gratitude

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Have you ever told your mom how much she mean to you?
Have you ever expressed how grateful you are to be a part of her?

Moms are one of the major lifelines in everyone's life.
A Poet; Rupi Kaur, once said: "I struggle so deeply to understand how someone can pour their entire soul blood and energy into someone without wanting anything in return- I will have to wait till I'm a mother."
Moms mean everything. She is your biggest fan, your private nurse, your personal therapist, and your best friend. However, it is very seldom that her years of toil and sacrifice is given a proper reward keeping this in mind Treasure Tales has come up with amazing set of 6 letters, that comes in separate envelopes. The heart-warming letters are an ode to all the mothers of the world. Tailored in a personalised manner with soulful words render it a customised aura! It is bang on relatable to your relationship with your mom. These amazing, gorgeous 8.4X6 inches letters will justify your love and respect for your mother through proper words. Buy this set of cool surprise from Treasure Tales to carve a satisfactory smile in your beloved mother's face.
-Hide them at 6 different places where she would find them throughout her special day
- leave one letter on her desk/bedside everyday to celebrate her for the entire week!
You can use these in many more ways - as you wish!

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