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Product Description:

It's a beautiful platter, handcrafted from Acacia wood. This platter is universal when it comes to serving food. Let your imagination run wild with this one!

The Bark Edges of these really Standout, we seal these to prevent flaking.

In our time of great importance in society has become a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Wood is eco-friendly, it is a natural material that does not emit harmful substances during operation.
Gourmets claim that food in wooden dishes perfectly preserve the original flavour. Mugs of wood enrich tea, kvass, beer with fresh notes, woody taste. And it is believed that the dishes made of wood gives food a living energy!

Product Specification:

Material: Acacia Wood

Dimensions: L –11 B --11 H –1 inches

Please Note:  COD (Cash On Delivery) NOT available!