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Release Limiting Beliefs - Law Of Attraction Practice

Release Limiting Beliefs - Law Of Attraction Practice

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Do you have a lot of doubt around your manifestations coming to life?
Do you feel like everyone else is moving at a faster pace in life, while you are feeling stagnant?
Are there areas in your life that feel like you keep repeating the same cycle?
You may need to take some time to reflect inward on the belief system that is running your daily life.

We built up our beliefs systems over many, many years and after while our belief system is just running on auto-pilot with the goal to protect us.
However, some of our beliefs may no longer be serving us and while they may have once protected us, they are now keeping us stuck from creating the life we know we are meant for!

This journal is designed to help bring awareness to what may be holding you back and help you release these beliefs.  It's time to go from " I can't" to "I must".

Reflect and Correct! - Journal Daily

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